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Developing a Winning Mindset

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There’s nothing more critical to becoming an effective speaker than having a winning mindset. That’s why we’ve chosen to discuss that very topic in the first episode of The Presentation Fix podcast.

The mind is a powerful thing. It can take you through walls. –Denis Avey

This is the first of many Presentation Fix podcasts (which we will be publishing once a month) in which my co-host Andile Masuku and I will be teaming up to empower you with the knowledge and skills to make an impact every time you speak or present in public. I intend to tap my on-going experience as an executive presentation coach, trainer and speaker to offer you practical guidance on how to become the best speaker possible— distilling everything I’ve learnt during the last 30 years of working in this industry. 

You can also expect to learn a lot from Andile. He is a respected broadcaster and entrepreneur with nearly 15 years of experience writing, producing and presenting for television, radio, and live events, as well as working in new media— blog, social, online video and podcasting. He no doubt knows a thing or two about communicating effectively.

That said, Andile and I are both active professionals who are keen on upping our game. And so, the learning never stops. We look forward to sharing notes with some of South Africa’s leading communicators who we’ll invite to join us on the show from time to time to deliver insights.

Joining us to get the show on the road is master climber, speaker and businesswoman, Deshun Deysel— who will share, among other things, how she’s channeled her love of climbing very tall mountains into a thriving business and speaking career. Your Presentation Fix is here. Do listen in!