The Power of Storytelling

Become a great storyteller

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Stories are powerful, and storytelling is easily one of the most important business skills one can acquire.

Narratives have been told through out the ages in every culture as a means of entertaining, educating and transferring values. On the latest episode of The Presentation Fix, Andile Masuku and I have drawn inspiration from a fairly well-known TED Talk by prolific Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, entitled The Danger of a Single Story. We’ll unpack some key elements demonstrated in Chimamanda’s talk, and chat about how stories can be used to communicate complex ideas and illicit the buy-in of an audience.

We’re also pleased to feature the insights of Musa Kalenga— who is currently Africa Client Partner at Facebook, as well as Head of Brand for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) South Africa. Over the last twelve years or so, Musa’s made quite name for himself through crafting messaging for leading multi-national firms and even governments. His current role at Facebook sees him apply himself to promoting the efforts of arguably the most prolific story-telling medium of the modern age.

Be sure to listen right through because in the Your Presentation Fix segment I’ll  be sharing practical advice you can use to immediately start improving your storytelling game.