Beth-Ann is an outstanding professional who delivers every time. She goes the extra mile and cares about results at a deep level - helping people- often those who have not done previous presentations - to simply shine

Liora Gross
Head of Leadership Solutions, Sub Saharan Africa at Centre for Creative Leadership

I interacted with Beth, initially as her client on her world class Business Presentation Skills programme, and thereafter as a senior associate, presenting this programme. I have found Beth to always be highly professional and ethical with a passion for delivering great value to her client. It is a pleasure to recommend her.

Alan Kirschner
Managing Director, Customer Diagnostics (Pty) Ltd

I was a very early attendee of the excellent Business Presentation Skills course. A nervous presenter at the time I've subsequently presented successfully to countless audiences small and large in many countries. It helped my ability to speak in public tremendously.

Guy Whitcroft
International Technology-focused C-Level executive

Beth-Ann is an expert at communication, and teaching and coaching others on impactful communication. I have seen the results of her work make meaningful differences in the way people bring their message across.

Riette Ackermann
Owner at Change Pace and Professional Associate at GIBS

Thank you again for a great presentation. The response has been overwhelming - Our fee earners were most impressed by your ‘professionalism', enthusiasm and experience’.

Monique du Preez
Director - Knowledge Management, DLA Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc

I found the coaching journey with Beth, immensely beneficial as it provided me with an objective professional  view, which pointed out the good as well as small-to-big aspects I needed to work on. The journey contributed to my confidence, and the open and direct feedback provides a strong reference to improve from. I am certainly well pleased with the experience.

Pierre le Roux
Managing Director, Moyo Business Advisory

Working with Beth Ann is such a pleasure; she always demonstrates great professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile. Participants can’t get enough of her either; they find her sessions very practical, engaging and immediately applicable. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Adele Ungaretti
Senior Programme, Standard Bank – Global Leadership Centre

Thank you once again for your participation at both our National Sales and Marketing Summits. Your messages were extremely relative and very well received by the delegates.

Chris de Klerk
Director, CADEK Media CC

It was such a pleasure to listen to your presentation last week at the Marketing Indaba. Thank you for all the valuable tips and information and in the beautiful and effective way in which you communicated your info! You truly are a great example of that what you 'teach'!

Anri van der Linde
Principal, Jaffae