Work With Me

BG1Q5820edI  am an executive presentation coach and trusted communication skills advisor in the area of public speaking and strategic business presentation skills.

Here are four ways you can access my knowledge and experience.

  1. Hire me as your presentation coach. I offer tailored private presentation confidence and impact skills coaching sessions, designed to meet your communication skills needs and budget. I work with clients over a defined period and help them to set presentation goals and ultimately assist and guide them to achieve the desired public speaking results they are looking for. As my time is extremely limited, I am only able to take on a select number of private clients at a time. However, working with a team of experienced individuals allows me to deliver professional coaching services to a much larger number of people. Contact me to schedule an assessment with me or one of my highly capable team members.
  1. Hire me to train your whole team for presentation success. Thanks to my affiliation with Business Communication Skills Holdings, I can offer comprehensive, practical business presentation skills training courses to organisations of any size— tailored to meet desired organisational outcomes. Contact me to find out more about how our market-leading business presentation skills training workshops, can empower your team to overcome presentation nerves, and build presentation confidence by preparing and delivering high-impact business presentations.
  1. Book me as a seminar speaker. As a motivational speaker, I have successfully keynoted many events for corporations, conferences and trade associations. If you have an event you would like to consider me for, please contact me to explore your needs further.
  1. Subscribe to my presentation tips updates. I write and speak on public speaking, business presentation skills, grooming and interpersonal communication. By subscribing, you’ll access my tools and resources for free – The “Fix My Presentation” Weekly Newsletter, The Presentation Fix Podcast, Beth Says Blog Posts and The Presenter’s Toolkit Downloads.
  1. Connect with me online – If you have something else in mind, other than what I have outlined, you can contact me via e-mail or follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn.  I would be happy to talk with you and discuss your needs.

Whatever your level of skill or experience, my presentation skills coaching methodology and resources will help you grow your confidence and empower you to make a good impression every time you speak in public.

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